GMR Seafoods is operated by Gordon Rennie and employs 16 staff. The business has grown through hard work and excellent customer service and supplies wholesalers throughout the UK with a product portfolio of fresh and smoked fish. These are the same products that are sold over the retail counter of the adjoining Fishy Shoppee to the discerning buyers of Peterhead, a fishing town that knows what is good and what is not.

Fish is bought from the Peterhead fish market on a daily basis and transported directly to the factory less than 2 miles from the port. Upon arrival it enters the process flow for filleting and skinning. This is a mix of traditional hand skills and machine assistance for volume orders.

Orders determine the production flow and fish will either go for smoking or through grading for packing and chilled distribution.

For our smoking we use traditional techniques but adopt modern technology to ensure continuity of quality. Consistency is paramount in our product offerings. We have regular taste panels as part of our QA procedure and check the texture, freshness and flavour profile of all of our products.

Fish for the wholesale trade can be sent out on ice, in boxes of the clients choice and vacuum packed. The factory has undergone a dramatic reconstruction with the introduction of more kilns for smoking, an increase to the chilled storage capacity and a chilled despatch room. The dedicated packaging room is where the vacuum packing takes place through two Multipac lines.

Future plans allow for a new office suite and canteen improvements, as well as another chill to meet with demand.